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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Says Ryan

I think blogging is kind of silly, but I'm doing it so I guess that makes me silly. Are a bunch of people really going to read my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on a day-to-day basis? My family is full of intelligent, busy people, but maybe they will. Anyway, I'm at lab right now doing a tritiated palmitate labeling experiment so I can see if a PAT-dead version of DHHC-CRD #2 is able to palmitoylate RGS7 family binding protein (R7BP). OK, I've just guaranteed that no one will ever read this blog again!

Give me another chance? OK. I thought I'd comment on being a father, as Briana made the headline of our blog about how our lives haven't been the same since Dylan was born. Being a dad is awesome, exciting, and wonderful. I can't wait to see what new trick Dylan has picked up when I come home each day, or what milestone he will have passed. Yes, our lives haven't been the same since, and that is a good thing! Our marriage has been challenged like it never has before, but we are up to the challenge. Just have to remember that our marriage comes first, because it was here before Dylan was here and it will be here after he is gone from our home. In the meantime, the stronger our marriage is, the better our family will be.

A Dylan update: he is extraordinarily cute! He splashes me when he takes his bath, he reaches and smacks his little tiger toy, and he has a heart-melting smile. More to come.




So was a PAT-dead version of DHHC-CRD #2 able to palmitoylate RGS7 family binding protein (R7BP)?? Enquiring minds want to know! (Ok, I so had to copy and paste that and have no clue what it means)


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