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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Dylan spent some time up at his "Candyhouse Nandma and Tapa's" house up in Lompoc a couple weeks ago.
He soaked up some quality time with his three cousins and even got to celebrate his youngest cousin's 2nd birthday (Dominick) at his party before coming home. Here's a picture of me with my sister, mom, and cousin Hayley during the party.
Trying to get a picture of the boys...
Dominick decided to turn around the opposite way just as Ryan shot the picture.
Gotta love trying to pin down three toddler boys for a picture, hoping and pleading that they'll look at the camera, not run away, and cooperate just a smidgen. Here is the best one we got of the three of them outside the bounce-house at the party.
The combination of no nap and hours playing with his cousins, led to a VERY tired toddler at the end of the day. Both of our kids were asleep already in the back seat as we rounded the corner to head back to LA and stayed asleep until we pulled into the garage 3 hours later!

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