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Monday, July 21, 2008

To Grandma's House He Goes!

For the first 10 days after Addie was born, my parents came down and stayed with us, helping with Dylan and stocking up our freezer with meals. Having them here was a huge blessing and I definitely had some adjusting to do with both kids last week on my own (see previous blog for how that went!)
When they left the plan was for Dylan to go up for a visit sometime in the next couple weeks before they left for Oregon again.

So, tomorrow Dylan will be going up to stay with my parents for the rest of this week, and we'll go up to get him this weekend. I know he'll have a wonderful time with his grandparents and cousins (after all, somehow my parents can make a trip to Costco fun for a 3 year old), yet I'll certainly miss having him here. That's the selfish, worrying mommy in me, I know.
Imagine what a wreck I'll be when he goes off to camp oneday, or (GASP!) college!!!

Baby Addie will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. She's been tracking with both eyes since 2 weeks and she's grown to like her baths as long as I make sure she's been fed beforehand (big, big mistake that first bath). She's sleeping pretty well at night, waking up about 3 times (every 2 hours). And as long as I don't put her down in the bassinet, she seems to be happy.

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