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Monday, June 16, 2008

Update: 36 weeks

Today was the first of my 'weekly' appointments until delivery:

-Baby is still head down
-Baby's heartrate is about 160 beats/minute
-My blood pressure: still good
-And dilation??? 1 cm.

My doctor estimated that I have about 2 more weeks till delivery. Hopefully we have a little more time than that as Dylan's Birthday party is in exactly 2 weeks!

Next week I'll have another ultrasound to check her size (deapite MY weight gain of 4# in the last two weeks, my doctor thinks that's mostly me and not the baby... I don't know if that is good news or not for me!)




Hey girl, thanks for your message. I am doing well but feeling the burn of everything stretching and getting bigger! I think I am mostly tired and wish I had more time to sleep! Anyway, I am 33 weeks so not far behind you! I hope everything continues to go well for the both of us. Oh yes, you asked if my belly is bigger than 10 tp squares around. I am sure it is bigger as the doctor said I grew 3 cm in 2 weeks - yikes. I will keep everyone updated via the blog! Talk to you soon! Love, Katrina


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