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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year, my sweet husband brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers, which was so big that I was able to separate it into two vases. Lilacs, Roses, Orchids, Lilies, to name a few. So many of my favorites. And the fragrance: Wonderful.

Tomorrow after church we are planning to go have a family picnic at the Huntington Gardens over by the Rose Garden or perhaps the Shakespeare Garden, which both are in full bloom right now. Dylan can play on the grassy hill and run around while Ryan and I rest on our blanket together, enjoying the perfect 75-degree-California-weather that is forecasted for tomorrow afternoon.

And on Monday, as a VERY special treat (for all of us, we've decided), we are having our house deep cleaned. We both are pretty tidy people, who like the house in order as much as possible, but things have been sliding a bit in the past few weeks and it drives us both nuts. I've been dreaming of how lovely it will be to have spotless bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms again - all at the same time.

Ryan, kudos to you for making this year a perfect Mother's Day!!! (and I think he's just as excited as I am about the house getting cleaned)

Note: Too bad my son is too young to understand how great a gift it would be for him to just take a daily nap (he's nearly given them up entirely and I find myself begging for just a few minutes off my feet each afternoon now - never mind the modified bed rest orders folks... how can you do that with a toddler, I ask?!?)

Update: Today was fabulous. We ended up having lunch after church with some friends, then over to the gardens where we took some family pictures and rested on a picnic blanket while the boys played. And as a bonus, we went out for some ice cream before heading home (Dylan had his first very-own cone!). And tonight Dylan ate his dinner nicely and went to bed at 7pm without too much of a fuss.
I'm one happy mama.

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Sounds like you had a REALLY nice day! Darren had to sleep all day then work all day. So I was really bored but fun is on it's way!


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