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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Going BPA Free

Somehow the issue of BPA (Bisphenol-A) came up in our house this week. We've tossed all our old Nalgene bottles and replaced them with the Camelbak bottles, which are BPA free. And now I'm on the hunt for BPA free bottles for baby #2, as her arrival is only 8-10 weeks away. I was all set on the Born Free brand, but then found out tonight that Dr. Brown's has now launched a new BPA free bottle line. The problem: Which should we get? The Born Free bottles are pricey, but the new Dr. Brown's bottles are really hard to find still and are outrageously priced because of that. We used the Dr. Brown's ones with Dylan and he did great on those. But is it worth $50 for three of those suckers or to hunt all over town to find them with a decent price tag?

My friends have asked for a 'wish list' for this baby. I've settled on a few items, but still feel very torn on a few key items.
1. Stroller. Originally I had my heart set on the double BOB for both kids together. However Dylan is getting older and prefers to walk most of the time now unless he's really tired. Do I just use my BOB single for the first few months and carry the baby until she needs to be in the stroller herself?
Then there's the option of a sit-and-stand stroller. A friend of mine recommended the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, which is pretty sweet. But again, will it work for our family? Hard to tell until the time comes.
2. Carseats. I'm planning to borrow a friend's infant carrier/carseat for the first few months. But once she's a bit bigger, I'd like to put her in a rear-facing carseat. We had the Graco ComfortSport carseats for a while, but after lots of traveling that first year with Dylan, we've seen their limitations in durability. And after replacing one of them for a Britax last year, we realized how much better the Britax truly is. Eventually we know we'll need 1-2 more of those, depending on when Dylan is ready for a booster seat and graduates out of the Britax in my car. But for sure we'll need at least one more of those. And boy oh boy, those are not cheap!

Ok. And now I'm off to bed. Just thinking about all this stuff makes me tired.




Check out the Sunshine Radian: (You can get them at Target, too). Not terribly priced at $200 if you consider that you can use it from 5-65 pounds, rear and forward facing! I don't have one, but if we have another baby, this is what I'm going to ask for.


Hey Brianna, I enjoyed your post. I am also trying to figure out which BPA free brand of baby bottle I should buy - decisions are tough. Anyway, my reflection on your stroller situation would be to keep the BOB single. Save the money, and use it when it is appropriate. I am going to try the same thing! Hope you are doing well. Love, Katrina


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