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Monday, April 21, 2008


What silver lining can you find with a head cold while you are pregnant and can't really take anything for relief? And when I say head cold, I mean a full-blown 2-week-er, complete with jaw pain and sinus pressure that screams inside your head when you try to blow your nose every five minutes because your brain is drowning in snot.

I've found my silver lining:
First of all, the nasty Glucola they make you drink in your third trimester to check for gestational diabetes... I couldn't taste it!!!!
Secondly, my husband, who let me go to bed on Saturday night at 6pm with the help of some Benadryl so I could get some rest after a long day of running around.
And thirdly, not having as much of an appetite, which is hopefully going to prove to be a blessing when I weigh-in tomorrow at my next OB appointment.

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Two comments:
1. I hope you are taking it easy today.
2. Getting to sleep at 6? Ryan is a good, good man.


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