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Sunday, March 30, 2008


So if they say that 60 is the new 40, does that mean that me turning 30 is more like I'm turning 10?

Tomorrow we are heading up north for me to spend the week with my parents. It will be good for Dylan to have time with his cousins and for Ryan have time back here to get some work done (while I continue to stick to my bedrest orders with the help of my parents). Dylan is super excited to go to see "Nandma and Tapa" and has already packed up all his cars in a bag to take along and share with his cousins!

So tomorrow my birthday plans include:
1. Spending the morning working on getting my medical release from Jury Duty since I'm on bedrest (at least something has good timing in my life!)
2. Driving up north and dropping Ryan off along the way to meet up with my mom and uncle for his eye surgery at 3pm. Yeah, Ryan is having LASIK eye surgery tomorrow. I'm excited for him, but nervous, wishing I could be there to hold his hand myself!
3. Managing Dylan along with my dad and cousin's help as I try to stick to doctor's orders for bedrest...
4. Locate some chocolate or ice cream or something sweet and indulge after Dylan goes to bed and I wait for my mom to bring Ryan back home after his surgery...

Yup, just your average 10-year-old birthday plans.

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Happy Birthday! I hope it's a day full of ice-cream and happy surprises!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday (a week late...) 30 already - where has the time gone?


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