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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Update: 21 weeks

We had our 21 week OB appointment on Tuesday afternoon. Baby girl has once again been confirmed as a baby GIRL, looking healthy, measuring femur and head size appropriately. Heart looks good. All is good...
Except that I've been having contractions. Braxton Hicks mostly, but in the evenings I've had a few painful ones that even once woke me up from sleep. When I mentioned this to my doctor, she told me that I should stop working to avoid total bedrest with a preterm labor. I made promises to stop working out and to limit any carrying of Dylan when possible (he's 30 lbs) and to rest more in the evenings instead of being on my feet so much. She said as long as I don't have any more painful episodes and watch to make sure the Braxton Hicks are no more than 4 in an hour, I can continue working.
So here I am, thinking of all the ways that I'm needing to put not only my unborn little baby girl, but my whole family first in my life. I need to stop thinking of myself in terms of 'weight-gain' and time out of the house with my mommy-friends, judging myself from the perception of the world around me.
Another friend mentioned to me yesterday how important it is that we put our families first in our lives, because this time is only a season in our lives that we will miss later on and nothing is more important. She's 100% right and I need to be reminded of that when I'm tempted to go hit the park for a workout, long walk, or big day running errands. What would those things mean to me if I didn't have my family? Nothing.

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Great reminder! You're blessed to have such a wise friend close by.


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