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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ultrasound: No Go

We had my 17 week ultrasound scheduled for today. I was bursting with excitement all day at work and left early so I could get there on time, at 4:00.
As Ryan and I walked in, the receptionist asked me for my name as I attempted to sign in at the desk. I told her, excited that maybe they were actually running on time and we'd get in sooner than later. Nope. Instead she told me that my doctor had to leave just a few moments earlier for a delivery.
I know I'll be one of the deliveries in a few months, leaving another poor, over-excited mommy-to-be stading there annoyed that her appointment was cancelled... but I'm still bummed. Today was supposed to be the big day when we got a chance to find out the gender of this little mystery baby. Not today.
Maybe Friday.
So now I'm hoping and praying for Friday to work out. My appointment is the first one for the day, so maybe it will be alright.
I'm planning on a breakfast consisting of soda and some fruit. Ya know, I've gotta get this baby moving around so we can get a good shot!

p.s. Today at lunch, food suddenly tasted SO good to me. I never thought hospital cafeteria food would be so wonderful, but it was. I nearly ate my coworkers arm, everything looked so good!

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