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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cupcake Cowboys!

Dylan went to his good friend Joshua's 2nd birthday party yesterday at the park. Since my friend Christy and her husband are Texans, they did it up as a Cowboy themed party. Very cute, indeed.

The cupcakes and cake were the hit of the party. Seriously, all you need at these toddler parties are some balloons and some icing and the kids act like they are at Disneyland!

And now that the kids are all getting the hang of "parties" and "blowing out the candles," they all smile when we sing the birthday song like it's their own special day and then practically dive into the party cake to help blow out the candles. One kid actually crawled across the table to get to the candle! (his birthday party was just a couple weekends ago actually, and he was all about the candles then too!)

Another attraction was a firetruck that stopped by (no connection to the party, but just as awesome for the kids) for a few minutes and let the kids take turns sitting up in the big front seat. We got a couple pictures before the firemen got a call and had to rush off. Dylan and his buddy Joshua were actually sitting in the truck when the call came and they had to go. What timing!

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