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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Turtle Baby

Dylan loves his stuffed Turtle. So much, in fact, that he plays with it, brings it along to the table at mealtime to sit with us, and sleeps with it. Tonight in the car he even told his Turtle all about our bedtime routine.

When I thought about getting him a 'baby doll' to help him with the idea of the new baby, Ryan suggested we just let his beloved Turtle be his baby. We just might. He does try to donn diapers on his turtle every so often and carry him around in his blankie (another beloved item worth a post of it's own one day).

And at night: bedtime just isn't complete without Turtle.
He usually sends me off to my room after our kisses and goodnights with the command to take a specific one of his stuffed animals (usually either his SeaHorse or Doggie) to my bed with me, but NEVER Turtle. No, that one stays with him!

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