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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in Oregon

We just returned from a 10 day trip up to the Oregon coast, where my parents live for part of the year since they've retired. Their log-cabin house is incredible and very comfortable, which made it not only hard to wake up each morning while we were there, but also very hard to leave yesterday.

This is the house - viewed from the lake on our boat-ride between rain storms (FYI, Oregon gets something like 70 inches of rain a year!)
Here we are on my parent's boat, snuggled up and enjoying the time outside!
Dylan loved "driving the boat" with his grandpa (who he calls his Tapa).
Dylan in front of the Christmas tree that my parent's got for us to have downstairs during our stay and wake up to on Christmas morning.
Time to open presents... Ready, set, go!
Lots and lots of presents.

Sidenote: When we arrived at LAX yesterday, we ran into the paparazzi at the baggage claim. Who were they looking for? None other than Larry Birkhead (the daddy of the late Anna Nicole Smith's baby). As I stood waiting for our bags, I chatted with the camera-man for TMZ who said that the celebrities actually tip the press off themselves to get publicity. Gotta love LA.

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