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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Here is our little man in a time out, kitchen-corner style.

And here is what we found the other night, carefully placed in a time out of it's own: His MACK truck. And when I asked if his Mack could come out of time-out, he readily agreed, telling him "all done time-out, Mack" like a little boy who clearly understands the routine. I have no idea what Mack did to earn his spot in the corner, but I'm sure it made perfect sense to Dylan at the time.

The funny part was when we turned around a few minutes later to find this one. I guess his Lightening McQueen deserved one too!

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Oh yes...the toys getting "time-out". Happens a lot here, too. Sometimes I have to give the toy a time out when "I didn't hit her, my doll did". Well, then. YOU can sit in time-out with your doll until your doll is ready to behave.


Ha! My son does this too - how funny.

He also lined all of his trucks up to look at the Christmas tree the first night that we had it lit up...


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