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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Grandma got him dressed up in Ryan's old clown costume from his toddler days as we finished up carving the pumpkin the night before.

Getting all lion-ed up for trick-o-treating time with mommy and daddy in the neighborhood. Grandma had some experience making a good lion face with makeup, so she was nominated to do the job (and did a good one at that!)

The little lion feeling coy with his costume on!

Coming down the stairs, pausing to giggle through the stair railings at daddy and mommy!
Heading out for some candy. He only had the energy for about 10 houses, but did pretty well.

And please note that this little man said his trick-or-treat line as "keepa feet" this year. But he sure had his little roar and thank you's down, making his mama proud!

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