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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Update

Many of you may have heard the name Rancho Bernardo on the news the last 48 hours. If you know us well enough you know that this is where my family lives and where I went to high school. RB has lost at least 540 homes to the fires, and one of the worst happened in my Aunt's neighborhood. Her house was spared but the two houses next to her, and the house behind her, were burnt to the ground. My Aunt was on ABC World News with Charles Gibson last night, as he was in San Diego covering the fires (she was given 5 minutes to see if her home was standing and grab essentials and he asked her if he could come along for an interview). My parents and grandparents are home from evacuation as of now, and the fires seem to be going elsewhere from Rancho Bernardo.

We still have some friends who are evacuated and whose homes are in danger, as many of the fires are still uncontrolled. Please keep them in your prayers.

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