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Sunday, September 30, 2007


While I am dreading having to go to work tomorrow, I am a bit excited about the possibility that Dylan will actually get a nap at daycare. The past two days have been more than a little difficult, as Dylan has not been napping (which is a big deal, since he usually takes a 3 hour nap at home). He's been standing at the baby-gate in his doorway, bouncing tiredly back and forth between hysteria and calling to mommy and daddy to come get him as if he's just woken up from a long and restful nap (of which he clearly hasn't!)
And tonight, after the second such day sans nap, he required at least an hour of rocking and songs and chatting with mommy (then daddy) to calm down enough to fall asleep. It didn't work with me trying to get him to fall asleep, as Dylan was adament that he needed to come to mommy's bed (which doesn't work because he gets so excited to be in my bed, that he begins bouncing around). I ended up having to call in Ryan to finish what I couldn't seem to do, because as soon as I walked out of his room, Dylan ran to the gate, hysterical once again for mommy.
And while I'm annoyed and disappointed about not being home tomorrow with my little boy, I know that he may just get that nap he so desperately has been needing. Something about daycare peer pressure. Gotta love it!




So he didn't get a nap yesterday or today. He has lots of things to get acommplished! Things to do! People to see! Places to go!
He can't be bothered every day with a nap.
Besides, didn't he sleep from noon until 8:00pm on thursday? ;)


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