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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ryan's brother meets Dubya

My brother Matt plays Division I Lacrosse for the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays, who recently won the national championship. Yesterday he and his teammates went to The White House and met the President. No matter what you think of him, its not too often you get to meet the President. Congrats again to the Jays!

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oooh, I like all the matching blue ties! I agree, regardless of personal politics, that is a really cool experience. How exciting!


As you can imagine, this is difficult for me to type. But, you are right.
No matter what your politics are, it is a very special occasion when you get to meet the President of The United States. I have great respect for the office.
Though I think someone should have told George to wear a blue tie.
(he is always trying to upstage people with that red one).


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