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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dylan is very interested in letters. He loves his "ABB's" as he calls them. I found an alphabet wood puzzle for $1.50 last week and it's been one of his favorite activities since then. He knows nearly all of the letters, often surprising me with his verbal identification as he puts the pieces in their correct spots. He even has his favorite letters: the letters B, W, D (for Dylan), and A. I've told him that M is for Mommy and he often calls that one "Mommy!"
I'm working on getting him to sing the ABC Song with me, and he tries his best, but still struggles to put the letters together fast enough.

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Fun! Anthony is not singing or saying letters, yet, but "Curious George's ABCs" is his favorite board book right now...

I "reeeeed" it to him a few times a day and I'm sure he's absorbing it, just like Dylan when you sing and play with that alphabet puzzle. It'll come out right in time.


LA Toddler had the ABC song sorta down, but she was doing it phonetically. She didn't really know they were individual letters.

But ABB is cute. That sounds like something only a kid would think of.


Katie calls them her ABCDEFG's now. It's cute, but so much more tiring than just ABC's. The only letter I know for sure that she really "gets" though is D, because of the Sesame Street DVDs (one episode we watch was sponsored by the letter D and the number 2).


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