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Saturday, September 01, 2007

This is your brain

Recently, Briana had a CT scan done, and she was able to obtain a copy of the results. I couldn't resist taking a peek at my wife's brain. Here are a few areas of her brain and what she uses them for.

1) Motor cortex. This is the area that she uses to initiate movement, like when she has to chase after a very energetic toddler.
2) Hippocampus. This area is critical for memory, like remembering where, when, and how often her husband needs a back rub.
3) Limbic area. This area is involved in emotion, anger, etc. I think this area is especially active during her fits of road rage, which is easy to have here in L.A. I think it is also active when chasing a toddler, and when husbands ask for back rubs.
4) Ventral tegmental area (VTA). This is the area that produces dopamine, and the area that is the focus of my research. It is the area where feelings of pleasure are started, like when she thinks of things such as her husband or a nice big bowl of ice cream (see below). I think the neurons here are much more active during thoughts about the latter than the former.
5) Nucleus accumbens. This is the area that receives input from the VTA and where cravings and addictions take root. This would apply for her ice cream, which you know - if you've met her - is something you don't get in the way of!

And this is her brain on drugs? Any questions?

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Loved this post. Take that HIPPA!


I enjoyed the neuro lesson!
I bet when she thinks of mint chocolate chip that VTA goes crazy!


I think that Briana's limbic area is highly sensitive to Settlers of Catan and other competitive games!


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