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Friday, September 21, 2007

Still Here

Yes, we are still here. Just a busy week (hardwood flooring getting installed and Ryan working like a mad-scientist with long hours each day). Hopefully things will slow down soon and we'll be able to produce a proper post again.
Ryan had his 29th birthday on Wednesday and we celebrated with his favorite meal and cake (Dylan helped and even added the sprinkles at the end!) and a few small gifts (wrapped in Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper - as it was all I had besides Christmas paper and Dylan was pretty excited about that!)
The flooring will be done today sometime and I'll get to clean off the 1/4 inch thick dust that currently lives on everything downstairs including my napkins, salt and pepper shakers, phone, stove, and bananas. I'm sure to be busy tonight and most of the weekend (neat-freak emerges).
The latest obsession of mine has been what to use to clean the new hardwood flooring. That, and how I'll get the smell of body odor out of my downstairs once the guys leave today! (any suggestions?)
My dear friend Rochelle (who started up the Stroller Strides in our area) is moving away next week and I'm fighting thinking about that, so being busy helps.
And I promise to post new pictures soon.

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Mmm. New hardwood floors. Must be nice. You'll actually have dust coming for the next week or so, too. It's trapped in your ducts and will continue to spread it's happiness for several days... so you may be cleaning a lot.

Oh, and try scented candles if you can. That might help.


Hey--Sorry I keep missing you! Stupid 3 hour time difference. You're in the heat of dinner/bath chaos when I am ready to chat and I'm sound asleep by the time you're ready to chat.

Happy belated birthday to Ryan. I meant to call and then totally blanked.

For cleaning the floors, it depends on what they are. If they're Pergo there's probably a special chemical for it. Otherwise we use the wood surface stuff that goes into our swiffer wet jet for day-to-day cleaning and Murphy's Oil Soap for actual scrubbing when necessary. Both are easy to find at most Targets or grocery stores or whatever. The wetjet was well worth the investment to me, since mopping and I are not good friends. We also have a dry swiffer for picking up lots of hair, which I recommend too if you have a big area.

For the stank? Um... I'm a big fan of baking sweet treats until the stink is gone. An apple pie a day keeps the stink away. ;) Hopefully you can crack a window and get some fresh air soon. Otherwise I'd say run the fan on your air system as just "on" instead of "auto" and try to get the circulation going. Like LA Daddy said, that will blow a lot more dust our of your vents, too, which sucks (or does it blow?) but at least it gets it over with.


For the floors, get a good dust mop with an extra cleaning head so you can use one / toss one in the washer with your towels. I use Simple Green to wash just about everything, as needed, including the wood floors. A good "air freshener" in the fall & winter: simmer a pot of water with a couple of cinnamon sticks & whole cloves on one of your back burners (add water as necessary :) It adds humidity to the dry air, too, which is a bonus.


Have a spare spray deodorant can redily available next time you have workers to your home. Demand the workers apply it prior to entering your home. I have tried this in the past with "smelly" workers and in general this method works well. If they become offended ask them to leave immediately and send some properly scented co-workers back ASAP. Hope this helps.


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