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Sunday, September 09, 2007


This past weekend we got brave and headed up north to Lake Lopez for a family reunion of sorts with my side of the family. We stayed with my parents in their tent, on very nice air mattresses (thanks guys for sharing!)
It proved to be a fun time for all. And there's nothing like a couple days without a shower to make you REALLY appreciate the comforts of home!

Here is our view of the lake from our tent.
Another pretty view of the lake.
Dylan and his Papa (my dad) over at the picnic table. I'm sure Dylan was VERY helpful!
p.s. That tent is the same tent we camped in when I was a kid! Crawling in it brought back a sea of memories of backyard campouts and Sequoia camping trips.
Dylan loved my cousin Tevin, following him around and playing in his shaddow as much as he could. And Tevin was the most wonderful role model for him, being sweet, helpful, and patient with him. (Thank you Tevin! We love you!!!)
My cousin Hayley, my mom, and I down by the lake.
Hayley, Dylan, and I hiking back up the hill to the campsite after an afternoon down at the lake with the kids.

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Looks like you all had a good time! I admire how well you were able to endure the great outdoors...especially the hike to the bathrooms. ;)
My dad was especially fond of camping and took us a lot when we were kids. I think he mostly liked the drinking beer and playing guitar until the wee hours of the morning. Not a lot of enjoying the sounds of nature when your okie dad is tipsy and playing buck owens and merle haggard songs until two am.
Ah..good times, good times.
Glad you all had fun.
Question: Why are you wearing a sweat shirt when everyone else appears to sunbathing???


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