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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Mad Scientist

What it looks like when Dylan and I go to meet Ryan for lunch at work:

Note the sounds of Dylan in the background, watching a Thomas the Tank Engine episode on Ryan's computer.

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That is alot of serious equipment. Does Dylan help with all those precision instruments? Will you teach me how to insert something from Youtube??


Hey! I need a youtube lesson too!
And, I want a tour of that lab someday, Ryan. It looks pretty fascinating.
I'll let you sit in on a speech therapy session one day if you want. Or how about sitting in at conference one day? it's not as cool as what you do. But, it's a living. :)


Was there a window in there, or is Ryan in a dungeon like I used to be? At least it sounded like a large space (with the echo from the Thomas video)...


no, we're on the top floor. lots of windows, view of palm trees, etc. BUT, the building is about 80 to 90 years old. very ghetto. we don't even have a central vacuum line, but my favorite is the spiders that descend in the middle of the hall and you walk into them if you aren't on the lookout.


Very cool....and by the way, my arm still hurts.


Yeah, well don't mess with the big kids if you don't wanna get hurt! :)
Sorry though. (and if it makes you feel any better, Dylan was rough-housing today with me and I'm bruised now too!)


WHAT?? No central vacuum line?
I can't imagine you working without a vacuum line.
Maybe you bring in that new swivel sweeper you guys just bought.


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