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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hardwood Floors

The floors have been installed. And while this meant a lot of extra work for us to clean up the dusty mess covering the entire downstairs, we are VERY excited. And today I bought myself the Swivel Sweeper to celebrate (and clean, of course). Dylan brought out his toy mower and helped me clean the floors, copying my every move around the living room.

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Did you get the Bonus 2 For 1 Deal on the sweeper, so you can play dueling sweepers with Ryan?


The floor looks great! I like that sweeper. I may have to consider getting one. Maybe you and Ryan can demonstrate it for me next time I am over. I'm sure something will spill on the floor while I'm there.
Diet Pepsi, perhaps??


Rob, No we bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond, with a 20% off coupon (which actually was a much better deal in the end for one instead of two).

Kathy, I'm excited to show it to you. If it's as good as I remember my mom's being up north, I'm sure you'll want one too!


Wow! Looks fantastic! Vinnie and I have been eyeing wood flooring for our living room recently, and this certainly makes me want to take a trip to Home Depot again very soon...


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