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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love Thursday: TV Rediscovered

For those of you who know me, you know that I don't even know how to turn on our TVs unless Ryan is home to walk me through it (to my defense, there are about 4 remotes and it's a complicated ordeal and until now not worth the effort since we didn't have cable). But now we have Direct TV. Those days are over.
And Dylan and I are discovering the Sprout channel together, a PBS station for preschoolers. It's all the rage with 2 year olds. Now we are in the loop.
And after 3 years without cable, this is really going to take some getting used to. Plus, we have the DVR recording feature, which is the Direct TV version of Tivo. Thursdays are going to be SO awesome now!
And speaking of Thursdays, this week marks the start of a new season of our favorite shows: The Office and Grey's Anatomy.

(and for those like-minded souls out there, check out the Grey's writer's blog each week for their commentary on the episode here).

Oh, and guess who had a DRY diaper this morning after 12 hours of sleep? Then used the potty like a champ? And then later used it again before naptime this afternoon??!

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Ooooh...DVR is amazing. Vinnie and I honestly can't remember how we managed to function with just plain old cable before we had it. We rely on it heavily, especially now that I'm working nights. (And it's also great for recording quick little shows that Alex enjoys - used to be Blues Clues, now it's predominantly Little Einsteins)

That's fantastic about Dylan and the dry nights - Alex has suddenly started doing the same. Now all we need to accomplish is number 2 (though, we think he has had a lactose intolerance issue that has hindered that area of development...we're looking into that)

Wow. This was a post-in-a-comment comment. Sorry! =)


We've been without TV since March. We get the regular PBS and that's about all we watch, and only on occasion at that. It has been a good thing as this summer has been very busy and we've been spending a lot more time outside. There's a lot more work to do this fall, but when winter comes...let's just say we're seriously considering Netflix.

Good luck with the potty training!


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