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Friday, November 09, 2007

Rancho Bernardo Fire

Here are some pictures that Ryan took last weekend during our stay down in San Diego. These were all taken from his Aunt Nancy's street. The camera doesn't convey the ashy smell in the air, nor the strange view through the neighborhood, looking through to the next street where houses and landscaping once stood.
We are so thankful that her house is still standing. She had some roof damage, which will need to be fixed. And the last picture (below) shows the burnt bushes to the left of her driveway, which is a clear reminder how close the fires were to her home (burning through at 70 miles an hour per the firemen!)
It's truly a miracle that her house didn't burn down with the rest of her neighbor's homes.

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dear briana,
thanks to google,
i spent almost 2 hours now, getting a glance on your life and what you´ve been doing and become. i see you´re a loving mother and look very pretty and happy.
if you like, send me an email:
your appreciating friend,meike


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