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Friday, January 18, 2008

01/18/2008 Ultrasound

Went to our 14 week OB appointment today. At first the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, so she went to the ultrasound. We weren't scheduled to have another ultrasound until 18 weeks, so this was a treat. All was fine. Saw the little spine, heartbeat, and profile complete with little nose and mouth. And the baby moved a bit for us to see as well!
She said the baby was lower than she expected, but that's not a worry because second pregnancies can be lower. And once we knew where our little lemonhead was hanging out, she easily found the heartbeat on the doppler: 140-150 beats per minute.
And while we secretly hoped she'd tell us the gender, it was too soon to determine, so we are still waiting on that nugget of info.
The next appointment is scheduled for February 5th, about a week before we thought we'd go again. She said we'll do another ultrasound then.
I read online today that eating or drinking something sweet an hour beforehand will make the baby move more for the coveted shot. I'll be at work that day, so maybe I'll make a run to the cafeteria for a soda or a dougnut before I leave. After all, it's for scientific purposes.

On another note, my morning sickness has abated a bit. I'm pleased to report that today is one of the first days sans anti-nausea medicine or losing my lunch. Maybe we are turning a corner here. I sure hope so, cause my in-laws are making us steaks on Saturday night and I'd sure like to enjoy one!

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Great picture! The little lemonhead is gonna grow up to be a lovely grapefruit pretty quickly, I think.


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