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Saturday, February 09, 2008

What would you do?

Ok. Came across this online tonight. Would you do it? Not as pricey as we thought it could be, but still more than our copay for our regular OB appointment I have in a month...

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First of all, I don't get what the 4th dimension is!

Second of all, this technology came to my area while I was in my third trimester of my second (and last) pregnancy. *If* it was around sooner, I *might* have done it.

Our regular ultrasounds are covered by medical here, so we would have to decide if we were in a position to spend that sort of money. (it's around $150 here, if I remember correctly.) There's also a risk to the child's health if you do too many unnecessary ultra sounds, so I would take that into consideration.

My friends got theirs done, and it's pretty cool, but sort of creepy. The baby looks like an alien.


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