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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sniff, Sniff

Got a head cold today. Came home from church and made my boys some lunch. Put Dylan down for a nap and started feeling some congestion. Decided to take a nap myself and when I woke up... Yup. Head. Cold.
Hoping now that it gets somewhat better by tomorrow morning so I can go to work.

And regarding baby: Kicking is getting stronger. Ryan felt her move this past week too, which I was excited about.
And cravings? I want mashed potatoes and Roscoe's fried chicken, fruit, and tortilla soup (I promise I don't want all those together. That'd just be disgusting.)

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Ah! Those video's are so fun! Alex and Dylan would get along like two peas in a pod, I'm completely convinced. Why is it that they always want whatever it was that they dropped on the floor (as opposed to a new fork/jelly/napkin, whatever the case may be...)?

Also - I wish I could say that my girl is the opposite, all quiet and feminine and dainty, but she's the bruiser. Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin' and will beat any little boy to the toy box to elbow him out for the truck or tool type toy that looks the coolest.

(Oh, and her meltdowns make Alexs look like naptimes)


Oh - and also, it was really cool to see actual "Chicken and Waffles" - being an East Coast girl, I've never actually been to a place that serves that combination (or at least, to a chain that specializes in it, to be sure...)


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