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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Best Friends

Dylan likes to list off his best friends. At the top of the list is always Rocco. This week while on bed-rest, Dylan had a couple days where my friends picked him up for the day and let him hang out with them until Ryan could come home. Thursday he was with his friend Ricky. Then on Friday he was with his BESTEST friend EVER! Rocco. This kid is the THE KID that all the kids want around. He's funny, playful, sweet, and plays nicely with the other kids. This was taken a couple months ago, but it shows how great these two boys get along. They often are found hand-in-hand or giggling together over some piece of food as they pass it back and forth in their strollers, leaning over to reach eachother.
Thank goodness for good friends. He is a sweet boy and I'm thankful for him in my son's life. Thanks Genese for helping me out this past week!

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