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Friday, March 14, 2008

Favorites of a 2 year old

See that little brown stool that Dylan is sitting on? It's integral to our kitchen now. He drags it around, following wherever I go while I cook or prepare him a snack/drink.

He has a knack for placing it just where I need to stand to cook and it drives me nuts, but I do enjoy him wanting to be with me in the kitchen. After all, how long will THAT last, I wonder?

Tub-time is still the highlight of every evening around here. Often when we've had a fun-filled morning/afternoon (i.e. too dirty to take a nap until bathed), I will give him a bath earlier in the day. He loves it, but then gets sad later in the evening when he doesn't get another bath. I think it's the "colors" he gets.

Often when he likes something, he declares "I yuv dis ting" (I love this thing). He loves his little friends Rocco, Nolan, Joshua. He loves running with daddy. He loves kitty. He loves singing together. He loves french toast. He loves making coffee with daddy in the mornings. He loves chocolate milk. He loves bathtime!

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How cute - but I sympathize with the annoyance factor. I am NEVER alone in the kitchen anymore and it is the worst when I have three kids surrounding me on step stools and chairs, trying to help me cook, wash dishes, and especially lick batter off of spoons, spatulas, and out of bowls...;) It's a great opportunity to practice patience!


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