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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Update: 26 weeks

Another OB appointment.

Still on bedrest (and probably will be for the rest of the pregnancy in general or at least until we get to the 'safer weeks'), but at least it's modified so I can go outside as long as I stay off my feet and rest as much as possible. Still no walks or exercise. Still no trips to the grocery store. Still no trips to the zoo or Huntington Gardens with Dylan, but I'm not stuck in bed, so I'm going to be thankful for that. And being able to sit and watch him play at the park while someone else helps chase after him is better than sitting at home alone getting depressed.

And I'm SUPER thankful for all my friends' support. I can't believe how quickly they responded with offers to help us each week with meals, helping with Dylan, and just letting me cry on their shoulders when I have felt discouraged about this situation. And while I have a hard time asking and taking help from our friends, who I know are already busy themselves with work and families and schedules, I'm trying to be graceful about accepting their help it as it's offered.

One thing that I've realized (FINALLY) on a personal level is that this is "only temporary" and while it feels like a huge burden on everyone around me, it's much less of a burden than we'd all be if I had the baby early and we were stuck in a NICU for the next few months.

So stay in there, little girl. I'll do my part. Don't come out yet!

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