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Monday, June 02, 2008

Update: 34 weeks

Ryan took the day off today to spend together and celebrate our 7th anniversary.
Our day started off with another OB appointment (see below). Then we went out to test-drive a couple cars we've wanted to check out and haven't had the time to do together sans toddler until today. Then we went to the mall and Ryan got himself some new sunglasses, which I must say look very good on him! And then we wrapped up our afternoon with a nice long lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. It was a good day.

Now for the OB visit update:

Another ultrasound with a nice shot of our baby girl's face, looking straight ahead. My doctor pointed out her 'chubby cheeks'.

Remember how I was fretting over her head still being up and a possible C-section? Well, she's flipped downward, ready for the big event apparently. Nice work, baby girl!

And let's see, what else? According to the office scale, I had only gained another pound in the past 2 weeks (whoo-hoo!) To be honest, my scale at home showed about 3 pounds of gain, but I'll take the doc's version this time around. And my doctor stated that my weight-gain is good, not too much, and she thinks I'm on target for a healthy weight at delivery.

Baby's weight is estimated at 5 pounds already, putting her estimated delivery weight at around 8 pounds if I go the full 40 weeks. Not bad, as Dylan was 7lb, 15oz, and most second babies are larger. If she comes a week or two early (as Dylan did), then she could be in the 7lb range. We'll have to see, won't we?

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