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Monday, June 02, 2008

Busy Saturday

This past Saturday was a busy one for our family. It started with Dylan's last sports class (9-945am) with Coach Andy and the plethora of other aspiring confused toddlers.

Then we headed across town for Ricky's 3rd birthday party (10-noon), which I must say was a hit all the way around. I think the dads had as much fun as the kids with fooseball tables, air hockey, and basketball games. I was content sitting with my friends over by the food area with all the pizza, sodas, chips, and cake! (Hey, I'm supposed to be off my feet, right?)

Then we came home for naptime (which despite the past couple weeks of NO NAPS FOR DYLAN, we were blessed with one!)

Then we headed out again for a dinner get-together with Ryan's lab at his boss's house for a few hours (430-730pm).
Dylan and his friend, Adal, played together nicely with some cars/dumptrucks for a couple hours on the side of the house while the adults visited and I ate some more yummy food. (come on, I'm eating for two, remember?!?)

Then the boys finished off the evening with some refreshing sippy cups with 'cozies' like the adults. Cheers!

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