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Friday, May 16, 2008

I know my body

Today I had another prenatal appointment. The nurse led us into a room, but it didn't have the ultrasound machine and both Ryan and I frowned. We wanted another one - you know, just to get a peek at the baby again and make sure all was still ok in there for her. Plus we wanted to make sure her head is pointed down, as it is pretty important for delivery...
When my doctor came in, we asked if we could switch rooms and she picked up on our hint right away and led us into the next room.

All is ok. Heartbeat 150 bpm. Measurements of head, abdomen, and femur all averaging at 31 weeks and 2 days... exactly where we are at today. Baby's weight estimated at 4 pounds. My weight... let's not go there.
Oh, and her head... pointed UP.
I knew it! I knew that wasn't a head kicking me in the bladder for the past 2 weeks!
And then my doctor commented, "wow, I guess you really know your body. I would have guessed by where the heartbeat was that she was head down so it's good we checked."
Yup . Glad we checked, but now hoping for a nice big flip-flop before labor in a few more weeks...

Good news is that she said after 35 weeks, she'll let me do more. Still won't be able to return to work yet. But at least in another month I can go walking a bit (although she said I probably won't want to much at that point).

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Glad you are doing well! We will pray that she will flip!


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