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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Camera Love

Because of Dylan's sister's impending arrival in the next couple of weeks (or less!), we are celebrating his birthday today complete with a Lightening McQueen birthday party at the park.

Last night he opened up his first present, which was a BIG HIT!

For months now Dylan has been watching his daddy with the camera, asking to see pictures he's taken and wanting to be part of taking the weekly belly pictures of his mama's growing tummy. And now he has a camera of his very own. Imagine what a 3 year old finds picture worthy: a lego, mommy sitting on the couch, a cat, the table, the wall, ANYTHING.

He loves his camera so much he slept with it last night and woke up telling us "I need to take a picture" at 6am!

I just keep finding myself shaking my head at how much agony it would have been for my parents back in the days when all we had was film cameras... and every pointless picture of a blurry cat running by yielded a bill to develop the film! Thank goodness for digital. And thank you Tagi, for the awesome birthday present. Dylan loves it!!!

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Happy Birthday Dylan! We had a GREAT time with you today!


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