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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Bath

Addie's cord fell off on Sunday, so last night she got her first official bath. I think she was hungry when we decided to do it, so she was quite upset with us as you can see.
But she smells terrific!
Now we just hope she's not one of those anti-bath kids. Dylan LOVES the tub and it'd be nice if she did as well...

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ooh....that looks like Katie at every bath ever. I hope she perks up about them!


Hey girl, thanks for the message. I will make sure to bring a pillow to the hospital - no problemo!

Also, Rosemary's daughter does make those cute cloth things. She has some made for our shower. You can contact Rosemary at and I'm sure she can contact her daughter Rachel.

Oh yes, love the bath photo.


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