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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update: 6 weeks

Today Addie is 6 weeks old. She's fabulous. She sleeps well at night (as long as she can eat 1-2 times between midnight and 8am, she's happy). And she puts up with her brother's sometimes more-than-gentle displays of affection like a champ. I love her awake time, staring into her eyes and thinking about what the next months will bring us in the way of smiles, coos, and socialization with our baby girl. She looks a lot like Dylan at this age, still with dark brown hair with a hint of red to it and bluish eyes. She has long fingers and toes. She is a snuggler, which I love. And she really is pretty easy to please at this point as long as she gets plenty to eat and keeps cozy near mama.

This afternoon Ryan and I met at JC Pennys for a portrait session with baby. She did pretty good, yielding us about 4 pictures we really liked and were able to order. I still haven't gotten around to making up my mind on birth announcements, so that's hanging over my head. But at least I'm on target with picture taking...

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Sounds like things are going really well!!! So happy for you!


She's gorgeous! Congrats!


So beautiful, and even more so in person!


ADDIE sooooo cute, looks like mom.
cant believe dylan is 3 years old and a big brother now.
cant wait to see kids !!


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