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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Open City Cafe

Yesterday we went downtown to visit the monuments and some museums yesterday. We had lunch at the Natural History museum and also visited the Air & Space museum.
Later we went to walk through the Veterans Memorial Wall. The pictures are from down by the Lincoln Memorial with the capitol building and Washington Monument behind us.
Ryan left early this morning for the neuroscience conference, while Dylan and I explored the neighborhood around our hotel. We had breakfast at a place called Open City that opened just this morning across the street. It was really quaint and Dylan was cute and non-fussy for me, which I appreciated since I was being pretty ambitious ordering a meal to start with.
Then we headed out for a walk along Calvert Street across the bridge and through a sweet little park. The fall colors were beautiful and the brisk air felt nice as we walked. Dylan was content and fell asleep on the way back. Then we went back to our room where Dylan nursed for over an hour! I don't think he is due for a growth-spurt, but he is sure acting like it. I finished him off with some cereal to try and fill him up before coming down here to the hotel lobby with him. He is being fairly entertained by watching people and his toys, but who knows how long this will last. Just as I typed that last sentence, he began to fuss. Drat!


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