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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Uncle Matt

Today Dylan met his uncle Matt for the first time. We took a daytrip to Baltimore where he is a freshman at Johns Hopkins. It was neat to introduce him to little Dylan. We spent the afternoon down at the inner harbor for lunch and ice cream, walked around the Monet exhibit at the art museum, and bummed around his campus for a while by his lacrosse stadium, which was really cool. We even got some great pictures (not of the totally naked bum we saw just standing by the road at the inner harbor, thankfully)!
It was hard to say goodbye to Matt at the end of the day when we dropped him back off at his dorm building. We realized earlier that it had been over a year since we had seen him last. It really was great to see him again. He has truly grown up into a nice young man.
Dylan did pretty well on the drive from D.C. to Baltimore this morning, sleeping most of the way. Unfortunately he screamed the ENTIRE hour and a 1/2 long trip tonight on our way back to the hotel. He must have one serious issue with the car! I mean, he almost always cheers up the moment he gets released from the "death seat" (that is, his carseat). The amount of traveling we do from now on is seriously being reconsidered if it is going to continue to be this awful to go anywhere with him in the car!
Tomorrow Ryan will be spending most of the day at his neuroscience conference downtown. I will be hanging out with little Dylan here at the hotel. If the weather is still nice, we might take a walk with our super-terrific stroller to the national zoo (which I've heard good things about) or to a park nearby the hotel. We'll see.


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