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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Meramec Park

We were inspired today to take a road trip by our friends Rob & Julie. Since Dylan loves the car SO much (yeah right!), we decided to drive about 175 miles round-trip to Meramec State Park and check out the caverns. Despite Dylan enjoying the actual drive about as much as he did getting his 2 month shots, we had a wonderful time together. Ryan and I got a chance to visit and relax and reminise our trip along highway 44 when we moved out to the midwest 4 years ago.
When we got to the park, we decided to just play outside with the camera and enjoy the last of the fall colors. What a beautiful day for an outdoor adventure!

Then we came home and I thought I'd be a good wife and mother and do some laundry. Bad decision. Just as I was getting to the bottom of the basement stairs, on the third step from the bottom, my feet somehow came out from under me and I crashed down on my left hip.
Ryan came to my rescue (and thankfully offered to finish the laundry tasks down in the basement for me). My hero. Anyway, hope I can still walk at work tomorrow.
Tonight we are headed off to church for a Science & Faith forum. Dylan is currently sleeping soundly (thankfully since he cried enough for a week today and I think exhausted himself in the process).


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