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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

growing ever so lightly

I took Dylan to the babysitter this morning and got quite sad about it. He cries less and less these days as I think he can entertain himself better. He rode in the car and played with his hands and his little firefly toy and didn't cry the whole way. I almost wished he would have cried for some reason. I think I am sad about his growing ever so lightly every day, and now we both have to leave him for 8 hours of the day. If he did the same thing he used to do (cry in the car every time), at least I could say that I haven't missed him changing. I was playing baby classical music for him in the car, and I think it helped keep him calm, but it depressed me because it was mellow. Plus it is kind of dreary out today-blah. But my family is such a treasure!

I'm writing the manuscript of my paper full-time right now, and should have it submitted within a month. Defense is scheduled for January 20th. Moving in February.

Well, off to the library, as the sounds of lab make it hard to concentrate.



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