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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

first steps (technically)

On Sunday Ryan and I went out for a nice anniversary dinner (at Ruth's Chris, which was divine!) and walk along the beach, then drove around the UCSD campus for a while. Dylan spent the evening with Grandma & Grandpa Drenan. Upon calling to check in on them, we learned that Dylan not only had his first Oscars breadstick, but also took his first two steps!! OK. So technically he took his first steps, but since we didn't actually see them ourselves, they don't count. Got it?

On Monday we went over to Aunt Nancy's house for a BBQ before heading back to LA. Dylan had fun playing in the grass outside. It was so nice to spend the weekend with family.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Meghan were home from college too, which was a treat! (above picture: Matt and Dylan)

We brought Thaddeus home with us. Aunt Nancy has been fostering both our cats for the past 4 months (THANK YOU so much, Nancy!) and we decided to relieve her of at least one of the cats after this trip. Dylan ADORES Thaddeus, which is really cute. He squeals with delight when he spots him in the same room, zips over to him as fast as he can crawl, and grabs either his tail or reaches to poke at his face or to hug his back. Thad has been a real trooper, putting up with an overeager baby who isn't always gentle. He actually just lays there most of the time, letting Dylan explore. It is fun to watch the two of them.


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