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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's Day last year:
It was a hot and balmy night in St. Louis... I was VERY pregnant and craving mexican food like you wouldn't believe. We met up with our best friends, Rob and Julie, for some dinner at a local mexican restaurant named ZuZu's in Clayton. Julie and I were both in the last weeks of our pregnancies, and desperate to go into labor, become mommies, and meet our little ones! Can you tell we were both about to pop here? I remember my feet being swollen, feeling so hot and tired, and SUPER hungry all the time (hence, my cravings for mexican food)!

This year (Mother's Day #1):
My darling husband woke me up for breakfast in bed, followed by a sweet card with a very thoughtful gift certificate to a spa for me to enjoy later this week. Then after church, we went to lunch at my favorite Caltech bistro and for a walk around campus with my two favorite boys. Lovely day.



Augh, I was a house!


Me too! But at least we can say we were 8-9 months pregnant there (versus the alternative). Right? :)


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