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Thursday, May 04, 2006

there's a friend

Today Dylan and I went to the children's gardens at the Huntington Library again with a couple of our new friends. He had fun with his friend Samuel who is only 12 days younger than him. They crawled around in the grass, through the tunnels, and in the water together. Adriana and I took turns trying to catch pictures of our busy little boys as they played, which proved to be quite a task. Ever tried taking pictures of crawling babies? Not easy.

Dylan was much more interested in playing with the plants, than looking at the camera.


- Dylan and Sammy -

And here is my friend Adriana.
She and I are taking the AFAA group exercise certification course in Malibu on Saturday. We probably should have spent the afternoon studying, but who wants to study when the gardens were free today?



Wow, Dylan sure is growing! He's filled out so much in the face he hardly looks like the little baby boy that used to live just down the highway from us. You guys are obviously doing a great job. Such a cutie!


Thanks Julester. Katie is getting bigger too. She is such a cutie little girl and I'm sure she is just as fun as she always has been. I wish we could hang out everyday with the kids still. I miss that SO much!!!


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