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Saturday, May 13, 2006

blowout blooper

Ok, so the news is that Dylan had a major blow-out today while I was at work (first Saturday I worked at the hospital). And from daddy's report, sounds like it was a nasty one. I wondered what it could have been... that is until I learned that daddy found the prunes in the cupboard and decided to give Dylan a whole container of them! He said, "he sure seemed to like them, so I gave him the whole container." Oops! Not a good idea. Those were supposed to be hidden in there for an emergency if Dillyweed got stopped up. And even then I was only going to give him about a 1/3 or at most a 1/2 of the container. Poor Ryan. He had a wild afternoon.
Both survived the ordeal. And now it is kind of funny. Ryan actually laughed when he realized it probably was the prunes.
Lesson learned: prunes are NOT one of our daily fruits.


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