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Sunday, January 14, 2007

call for chili

I'm on the hunt for a new easy chili recipe. My old recipe is now minus the "chili starter" that I used to use from the St. Louis Schnucks market because the markets out here don't carry it. With the rotation in my moms group "Make and Take" quickly approaching my turn, I'm on a serious hunt to try out a new recipe so I'll have a good one to share with the group (when I will make enough for all 6-7 other families and send it home with them after our playgroup, hence the "Make and Take" title).
So here is my call for new and (note emphasis on this next part) easy Chili crockpot recipes. If you have one to share, please do.

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Schnucks Market?? I LOVE that name. LOL ;)
I have a recipe from Lisa that involves some cilantro. How do you feel about Tex-Mex chili?
By the way, I love the new green with yellow lettering in the header. But, what I really like is the white border. Nice job Ryan!


sure, send it on over. I love cilantro!


Well, you mix some ground beef, beans, onions, cilantro and some spices together and ...viola! Chili! I will give you the specifics on thursday night. But, I'm not sure it will live up to anything you could buy at Schnucks Market though. ;)


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