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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

'Tis the Season... to drive

Heading up to San Francisco tomorrow. Today we had our fair share of crying baby in the backseat on the way back home from San Diego. Two hours of pure crying was torture. I wanted to do something to make him feel better, but I think the issue really was that he missed his grandma and papa. Sweet.
It only took us the better part of the evening to tidy up the house and get a dent in my laundry before we head out for Part 2 of our vacation: San Francisco and Napa Valley.
As I type, Ryan is working on setting up his new flatscreen tv in our room. (Yeah, I caved in and got him one). I have to admit, it looks nice and I'm glad I went with the larger flat screen one. Sleek and classy. (Ok Kathy, you were right. It IS nice!)
And we finally got through opening all our presents from under the tree tonight after dinner. Dylan loves his trains and I think we just might have to take a few along tomorrow.
So wish us safe travels... Lots of crazy drivers on those roads (we saw a few today and it still bothers me a bit to drive so wish me luck tomorrow afternoon!)

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Merry Consumer-mas! Or is it Christmas?


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