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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

18 months

18 month checkup stats:
weight: 25# 1 oz. (25-50th percentile)
height: 35" (97th percentile)
head circumference: 49 1/2cm (90th percentile)

He also got his DAPT and Hep A shots. He did well with those, only crying with the second one. What a brave little boy! (and the RN was impressed).
Doctor said that he is doing well with weight and height as he is keeping on the same trends as before (percentiles staying constant), with a lean and tall body type like his daddy. Doctor said that potty training is coming up next and to think in that direction... Also, terrible-two tantrums. Fun times!

Next appointment is at 24 months. She said that at the next appointment he'll be talking in sentences. I can hardly believe that. Amazing.

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Yeah, Katie's into tantrums now, luckily not too bad yet. Have fun with that...


I can see that Charlie, Peter, and Dylan have more than blond hair in common. They all have large heads also.

Charlie is 95% at 2.5, Peter 90% at 9 months.


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