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Monday, July 02, 2007

toddler bed?

Dylan is rounding the age where he needs to transition from crib to bed. The question is whether or not he should have a toddler bed or just place his mattress on the floor? And if we get a toddler bed, should we get another crib mattress or use his old one? So many decisions!

In any case, I've been browsing the good 'ol internet and found a few cute choices:

The Boat Bed
Sleigh Bed (probably in Oak or Cognac)

And for the bedding:
Hungry Caterpillar

What's your vote?



I think that the boat bed would look good in his room. You know, with the fish theme and everything going on in there!


Are they both toddler beds? If so, the boat bed sounds cute. Nathan loves his toddler bed - he feels like a big boy. Have fun!


Tough to choose which bedding I like the best. But, I would have to say it's between the caterpillar and the kritters.


I like the boat bed with the bubbles. The reg bed with the number sheets. The caterpillar sheets are cute but way too much money.


i like kritters and the sleigh bed in cognac.


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